High School Meet Up: Let’s gather together!

High School Meet Up: Let's gather together!

We are Arbos! Our High School Meet Up  was a moment for teachers and students to meet and strenghten our identity as members of a local community constantly thinking and debating social and global issues.
That means that before this term came to an end we gathered all our Arbos students together to meet and greet classmates from other Arbos Campi.
We had a synchronous and live session with the Texas Tech K12 instructors (Mr. Young and Mrs. Byrd) who were very kind to share with students perspectives on the upcoming courses, the final exams and we could also get to know them better.
Students showed their artistic skills in drawing, painting and playing dough as they recreated scenes from the Literary works they read this semester.Arbos and the Texas Tech University K12 program have started a partnership since 2019. Over 40 students have graduted with a dual-diploma so far. That means these students might apply for Universities in the US (and other countries) under the same rules and conditions as native students from the U.S;

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